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Colorado Academic Press (CAP) is a scholarly independent publisher based in Denver, Colorado. CAP aims to provide opportunities for new and emerging authors as well as for authors writing in unfashionable genres or on non-mainstream subjects. CAP’s publishing program covers literary fiction, non-fiction, poetry, popular culture, visual arts, translations, Ph. D dissertations and research-based books that engage, inspire and stimulate debate.
At CAP, we believe in the value of research, the power of knowledge and the ability of books to change the world. Our mission is to enable, support and facilitate the dissemination of outstanding research, and to find new ways of extending the availability and accessibility of knowledge, and increasing engagement with individual works.
Our services include editing (copyediting, heavy editing, line editing), proofreading, formatting, revision, illustration, cover design, interior layout design, printing, publishing.

CAP specializes in publishing culturally significant works across genres in English, Spanish, French, Chinese, Russian, Korean and Japanese. All our books are now print on demand and all are available through worldwide sales channel——Amazon. We love to work closely with our authors to create books that enrich and inspire readers worldwide. For manuscript or proposals submission, e-mail us:;

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